32 Hilariously Honest Yard Sale Signs. What is #14 Selling LOL?


If you live in a place for long enough and don't live an exactly minimal lifestyle, odds are, you're going to accure a lot of crap. And yes, I said crap for a reason: Most of the things that are in your living space aren't particularly useful or crucial for your  day to day. Instead, it's usually extraneous and taking up space.

Having a lot of stuff isn't necessarily a bad thing, but at a certain point, you have to say "enough's enough." And when that time comes, having a yard sale is the most logical step. However, the only thing harder than putting together a yard sale is getting poeple to actually come to the yard sale.

It shouldn't be too hard if you have a sign like this;)..

#1. I'll go if he goes.

#1. I'll go if he goes.

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