The 15 Most WTF Foreign Signs Ever. #11 Would Get You Arrested In America.


Travelling is fun but can sometimes become overwhelming and confusing when you do not speak the language of the place you are visiting. Hence, it is always a relief when you spot signs in English meant to give you a little help in getting around. That is until you begin to read the signs and realize they make no sense whatsoever.

It appears these messages were taken from a dictionary and translated as literally as possible and without context. In other situations, the English word chosen does make sense, but when combined with other words, changes the entire meaning of the sentence. Whatever the case may be, the signage may not offer any help but, at the very least, gives English speaking tourists a chuckle and a story to tell when they return home. Here are 38 of the worst signs tourists have come across.

1/15 - They really enforce parking rules.

1/15 - They really enforce parking rules.

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