16 Celebs Who Have Breast Implants and Don't Hide It


It’s no secret that celebrities like to get breast implants, and who wouldn’t? Those perky things definitely get plenty of attention on and off the red carpet. But while some celebs prefer to deny their manufactured boobs (even if they go from a B to a D over the summer) others are happy to show off and discuss their breast implants. Here are 16 celebs that have outed their breasts and have ended all the speculation, but they still have the curves to show for it.



This Jersey Shore star is happy to reveal that she got breast implants at a 21st birthday present. She even stated that she would do it every year if she could. So she either really just had a great time in surgery or she might want them to be even bigger. Or she just wants to fix the scars that made an appearance in some of her more revealing dresses.

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