Movember Madness: 10 Of The Worst Celebrity Mustaches


I look at these men and I take solace in the fact that I know I am not alone. It is not your fault if you cannot grow good facial hair. It’s out of your control and there is nothing better you can do for your image than to realize what looks good, and embrace it. For these celebrities, if they have any doubts whether their facial hair looks good or not, they can quickly type their name into Google and see how the world reacts, as hundreds of photos surface of the new look.

Movember may be the month of mustaches, but for these prominent figures, they may be quickly counting down until December 1st.

10. Michael Cera

10. Michael Cera

Now call me crazy, but I do not think Michael Cera made it in Hollywood for his sex appeal. Often starring in roles that portray Cera as a bit of a dorky character, it should perhaps not be a huge surprise that he looks absolutely awful with a mustache. It looks like he’s trying to add some maturity to his face, but instead the result looks like someone who is 15 but is too afraid to shave off his mustache because, what if all of this progress never grows back? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can absolutely relate, but it doesn’t mean you should keep it.

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