The Real War That Inspired 'Game Of Thrones'


In George R.R. Martin's "A song of Ice and Fire", the book series that inspired the HBO show "Game of Thrones", many different parties are vying for the throne of Westeros. But this exciting scenario actually happened in England in the 1400s, when multiple claimants to the throne stepped forward. The events that followed would be known as the War of the Roses, and 600 years later, they inspire Martin to write his epic series. Find the parallels between the fact and the fiction.

The King Is Dead (1/11)

Henry V of House Lancaster died in 1422, leaving his son to assume the throne. But Henry VI (depicted in the engraving) was ill-suited to leadership, and England was war-torn. The country was in the thick of the Hundred Years' War, and Henry VI was no military leader. He lost many lands to the French and was not popular among his people.

Like England, Westeros has also been at war when the "Game of Thrones" series begins. A rebellion several years in the past had brought new leadership to the country.

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