41 Hilarious Job Fails… #14 Is The Funniest Blunder In History.


We all have off days where we are not thinking clearly. In these moments, born from fatigue, a lack of inspiration, tedium or carelessness, we catch ourselves making really dumb mistakes. Luckily, these moments don´t have to be hidden nor kept quiet given the rise of the camera phones and social media.

In this post, we are treating you to 41 or the best fails captured, the gold seal of excellence as it were. Everything from spelling errors, mislabelling and "what were they thinking?" moments are here to view and enjoy.

The next time you are having a bad day or in need of a laugh, visit this and just think how lucky you are not be one of the folks on this list whose bad day was immortalized in a photo.

#1. What a sale!

#1. What a sale!

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