15 Awesome Lawnmower Fails


Spring has sprung which means in many parts of the country, people are getting their lawnmowers ready for a season of, well, mowing grass. And while most people will have no major lawn mowing incidents this year, there are those people, the idiots and stupid people in the country, who will create lawnmower fails after lawnmower fails. Some of these fails will involve duct tape, some will involve using lawn mowers in a way they were never intended to be used, and still some will involve acts of laziness which must be seen to be believed.

Here now are 15 awesome lawnmower fails:

Stunt mowing

Stunt mowing

Another lovely summer day, another trip to the emergency room. At least the other guy had proper ramps attached to his truck, not a couple of flimsy 2-by-4s balanced on a couple of flimsy pieces of wood. How many times did one of the wives come out and tell these guys what they were doing was idiotic and how many times were those wives told they didn’t know a thing and to go back in the house. Idiots.

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