24 Funny Signs That Will Make You Think, #7 Is Hilariously Clever.


Working in the customer service industry is tough. Dealing with patrons who may be demanding or just plain grouchy can make the work day that much longer and harder to get through. Instead of arguing or repeating yourself time and time again, it may be best to just put it on a message board. Although, we are bombarded with signs everywhere. So the question then becomes, how do you ensure your signs are being read? That’s when you use humor and sarcasm; you will find very quickly, they are your best friends. And when used correctly, they will also change the mood of some of those not-so-nice customers.

Here are some very witty signs that will hopefully make everyone’s day better. The next time you walk into a restaurant or a shop, try doing it with a smile on your face. Number #24 should be mandatory everywhere.

#1. Pumpkin spice on everything!

#1. Pumpkin spice on everything!

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