25 Of The Funniest Notes Ever Written, But #17 Might Have Gone Too Far.


We may have more advanced forms of communication, but there’s nothing quite like a handwritten note. The way we write is telling of our personalities and situations. For example, graphologists note that if you slant your handwriting to the right, you are most likely a friendly, sentimental, and impulsive person.

Last-minute printouts on standard printer paper are a close second when it comes to special messages. Despite their outdated appearance (everything seems ancient in comparison to modern phones), these printouts, usually seen in shared work and living spaces, can really pack a punch. Just having something to hold in your hands transforms the experience completely.

While many of us have exchanged the tradition of writing notes and letters for the convenience of the digital world, there are still enough out there to feed our nostalgia.

#1. 'We're jammin' I want to jam it with you'

#1. 'We're jammin'   I want to jam it with you'

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