28 Nightclub Pics That Will Make You Glad You Stayed Home.


At a certain point, something about your approach to nightclubs changes. In your early twenties, going to the club is a weekly ritual, something you look forward to Monday-Friday and prep for all day Saturday. In your mid-twenties, the nightclub becomes a place filled with confusing, contradictory moments: You enjoy yourself, but you also kind of wish you were at home having a snack. And when you reach your thirties, heading to a club doesn't seem like a bad idea -- it basically becomes a punishment.

But no matter where you are in your clubbing timeline, you can definitely appreciate these photos. If you're young, you see (and laugh at) this kind of stuff every weekend. If you're not so young, you're glad you don't. We'll admit it, though: #26 doesn't seem so bad.

#1. She danced so much she needed a snack.

#1. She danced so much she needed a snack.

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