Fat Cat Art: I Insert My Ginger Cat Into Famous Paintings


I met this extremely talented cat when I adopted him after my mother passed away. It was actually Zarathustra who saved me from the subsequent depression. My mom loved the cat so much, and I think that is why he developed such a sensitive personality. He decided himself to become a model and performance artist. He adores posing for photos. He makes such coquettish poses and clever faces as if to say: “Paint me like these French girls…” So I do.

I am an artist by profession, and Zarathustra chose a right person to be his human slave. Now I have more than 7 000 photos of Zarathustra in my computer. I photoshop the cat carefully into a famous paintings’ digital image. It’s a challenge, he has to fit perfectly into a masterpiece, in position, in expression, and sometimes it takes months to get the right photo. I print my works and paint them, emulating the style of the great masters, to make the cat’s image look very natural in well-known masterpieces.

#1. Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, True Version

#1. Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, True Version

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