Meet Famous Writers And Their Four-Legged Doppelgängers


Dan Bannino, Italy based photographer, rescued a shelter dog Rothko over a year ago. This made him realise how many dogs around the globe are going through the same stuff his four-legged buddy Rothko went through. Being a photographer, he committed himself to giving voice to Rothko and all dogs around the world via his photos.

In his photography series titled 'Poetic Dogs', Dan visually juxtaposing famous writers with their four-legged doppelgängers.

"Dogs are beside famous writers: speaking through their expressions, sounds and movements, they’re telling you everything saying nothing, just like an author would do with words in a fine poem," Dan explains on his website.

Scroll down to see this striking resemblance for yourself. Ernest Hemingway is spot on. Just sayin'.

Oscar Wilde.

Oscar Wilde.

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