10 Most Expensive Cars in the World


For most people, a car is the easiest and most practical method of transport. While most of us count ourselves lucky if we’re able to afford a brand new car, the rest are relegated to leasing or buying a car second hand. However, there are a select few who are much more privileged – not only can they afford a new car, but they can afford supercars. Here we’ll take a look at the most expensive cars in the world. As if their sleek looks weren’t enough to take your breath away, the price tags will certainly leave you breathless!

10 - Koenigsegg Agera R - $1.6 million

10 - Koenigsegg Agera R - $1.6 million

Swedish company Koenigsegg may not enjoy some of the worldwide fame like other brands like Lamborghini and Ferarri, but they’re fast becoming one of the most appealing brands on the market. This model features an impressive 1140 horsepower 5.0 litre V8 engine, which can launch you from a standing start to 60 miles per hour in just under three seconds. Its top speed is estimated to be somewhere around 273 miles per hour – blink and you’ll miss it.

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