10 Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World


Language is something that we all use every day; we pick it up from our parents and friends as toddlers, so most of the time we’re not even aware of what we’re learning! However, in this world where globalisation and increased travel are growing every single day, the need to learn more than one language is more important than ever. Multilingual careers are amongst the fastest growing sectors in the job market, so if you’re looking to catch the eye of a new employer, consider picking up a new language as one of your skills! Here are the ten most widely spoken languages in the world according to UNESCO, so if you can learn one of these then you’ll find it much easier to navigate all corners of the globe!

10 - German

10 - German

Unsurprisingly, German is most commonly spoken in the European country of Germany. In total, it is an official language in six different countries worldwide, with an estimated 100 million speakers.

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