8 Kitchen Gadgets You Don't Need But Should Buy Anyway


Gadgets, everyone loves gadgets and we could make a gallery with thousands of gadgets. But we decided, to keep it simple and in categories. So here you go, a gallery dedicated to kitchen gadgets, for all your slicing, dicing and spoiled food needs! Because these gadgets won’t make or break your kitchen experience, but they will certainly help you spice it up a notch!

Avocado Cuber

Avocado Cuber

There are a lot of ways you can cut an avocado and so this is not the most inventive gadget on the list, but still worth mentioning. This tool is indispensable for cutting uniform-sized cubes of avocado for adding to salads, soups and other dishes, or simply prepping avocadoes for making guacamole. Cuts and scoops out neat, even cubes of avocado in seconds. Reduces waste by using all of the avocado flesh. Easy to use: just align with an avocado half, push down, twist and lift.

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