10 Things That Will Make You Feel Old


Time rolls on and waits for no one. No matter how hard you try, how much plastic surgery you get or how much Botox you inject, time will come to carve those lines on your face. The people feeling the old burn the most now-a-days are the cloistered, sheltered, perpetual adult-sized children known as Millennials, Gen Y or Generation X. This is the age group that currently is in their 30s (some pushing close to 40), even though mentally they might be closer to 10. How do I know this? Because I am a full-fledge man-child member. Here are a few facts that made me run to the bathroom and secretly weep while I was writing this.

1 90s shoes are back in fashion

1 90s shoes are back in fashion

Yep, you read that right fellow Gen Xer. Those clunky high-heel half shoes (called mules, live and learn right), over-buckled ankle boots that would feel at home at any grudge concert and the steve madden-esque clunkers that look like a biker boot had very awkward sex with a military boot and a platform resulting in an even more awkward love child. Oh and gladiator sandals….

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