Hitler Became A Drug Addict While Searching For A Cure For His 'Colossal Flatulence'


It is commonly known that Nazi soldiers relied on a form of crystal meth to stay awake for days in order to execute brutal attacks and murder innocent people, but few know that Adolf Hitler, the diabolical man behind the atrocities of the Holocaust and World War II, was high out of his mind during most of the war. 



During World War II, Adolf Hitler had very high, gruesome expectations of his Nazi soldiers. And in order to keep up, the Nazi military relied on a pill form of crystal meth, called Pervitin. The drug was created by German scientists and sold as a miracle pill that improved alertness. The Nazis thought Pervitin was just "like coffee." One dosage could keep the Nazi soldiers awake for hours and were mostly used during blitzkrieg attacks. 

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