How Beauty Standards Have Changed Throughout History


Beauty isn't just skin deep. It depends on when you lived.

Every time period has had different ideas of what defines beauty. You might be surprised by things your ancestors fancied (and even more so by the modern standards of beauty they didn't like).

Pale For The Win (1/14)

Pale For The Win (1/14)

You know that tan you've been working on all summer? That would have been the height of tacky during most of human history.

If you could afford to not be outside working the fields and getting a great farmer's tan, you stayed inside. And stayed pale. And if you couldn't do it naturally, you faked that pale skin with poisonous titanium paint. Its also where the term "blue blood" comes from to describe the wealthy elite. People wanted to be so pale, you could see the blue blood veins on their face (be they natural or painted in). 

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