The Smog That Killed 12,000 people


London is known for its fog, so when a deadly smog hit the city in 1952, few people seemed to take a second look upward until residents began falling ill or even dying of respiratory problems. Eventually 12,000 people would die prematurely due to the phenomenon. 

Though the smog was caused in part by the weather, it was turned toxic by manmade air pollution.

The Great Smog

The Great Smog

Twas a cold night on Dec. 5, 1952 when the smog rolled into town. The conditions — frigid temperatures, an anticyclone and little wind — to create a nearly impenetrable smog blanket over London. An anticyclone is the antithesis to a cyclone in which winds circulate around a central region of high atmospheric pressure. It sometimes creates fog as it did on that fateful night. 

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