These 3D Optical Illusions Made My Head Spin, The Last One Is Terrifyingly Realistic.


It’s not very often we expect to see art on a sidewalk. Walking on pavement, most people would be happy to not see any garbage on the ground. Unless, of course you come across the creations from the inventor of 3-D pavement art, Kurt Wenner.

Sidewalk art has been around for hundreds of years but it is Wenner’s application of a 500-year-old technique called anamorphic art, that really made his craft standout from any other. This ancient technique gave the illusion of floating figures and architecture in high ceilings. Wenner transformed this medium by taking it to the streets. Born in Michigan, Wenner’s creations rise or fall into the ground.

His method has inspired a new generation of street artists. In fact, if you see any 3D sidewalk work in your city, it is thanks to Wenner’s invention. Now that’s a true Renaissance man.

The late Pope John Paul II, signed one of Wenner's street mural, officially recognizing his work as a form of Sacred Art.

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