These Original Historical Color Photos Of Ireland Are Absolutely Stunning


These photos, taken by French women Marguerite Mespoulet and Madeleine Mignon-Alba, are some of the very first color images taken in Ireland in the early 20th century. The photos were part of a larger project, known as The Archives of the Planet, and the pair took them over a long trip across Ireland in 1913. The images are truly captivating, and speak to what Ireland was really like during the period.

1. Lovely Homes in Galway

1. Lovely Homes in Galway

French banker Albert Kahn originally conceived of the Archives of the Planet project. Kahn had high hopes for the photography series; he hoped to connect people through several color images, and considered the project to be a "photographic inventory of the surface of the Earth." The photos were taken all over the world, and the first color photographs from the United States, Vietnam, Norway, and Brazil were taken as a part of the project.

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