This Photographer Beautifully Documented Hong Kong's Transformation In The 1950s


In the 1950s, Hong Kong was undergoing a massive transformation. British Control resumed after the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong ended in 1945, and the Nationalist-Communist Civil War was raging in mainland China, prompting a surge in refugees that caused the city's population to grow from 600.000 to 2.1 million.

In the midst of this transformation, Chinese photographer Ho Fan was documentingwhat he saw on the streets. Ho would go on to become one of China's most celebrated photgraphers, film directors and actor. Taken when he was a teenager, his photos, seen in 'Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir.' show his talent even at an early stage in his career.

Cramped Alley

Cramped Alley

A young girl is seen sitting on a balcony in a cramped alleyway in Hong Kong. After a fire in 1953 that left thousands homeless, a new development plan was drawn up for the city, calling for high-density, multi-story structures to be built throughout the city.

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