We Should Bring Back These 8 Old Fashioned Dating Habits


Most of us are too young to know about old-fashioned dating habits. But if you’ve seen old movies, then you know men used to call a lady to ask her on a date several days before. Then come date night, he’d show up all dressed up at her door with a bouquet of flowers, and take her to the movies. What if old-fashioned dating habits came back in style?

1. What If We Still Dressed Up For Dates

1. What If We Still Dressed Up For Dates

And I know women still do this, but I’ve seen too many guys show up to dates in hoodies, jeans, and sandals (ughhhhhhhhhhhhh) to stay silent on this.
Put some effort into how you look! You don’t have to wear a whole suit, but like, maybe wear a suit if it’s appropriate? Suits are awesome and you want to impress your date.

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