10 Most Devastating Disasters On The Planet


A natural disaster is the result of weather or other acts of nature that bring hazards to the planet. None can deny that over the earth’s history there have been some incredibly devastating natural disasters to say the least and the damages have been astronomical. Cities and countries alike have suffered such historic tragedies time and time again. The following list makes note of 10 of the most devastating disasters in the planet’s history

#1 1138 - Aleppo Earthquake

#1 1138 - Aleppo Earthquake

For those unfamiliar, Aleppo can be found in the northern portion of the Dead Sea and it divides the Arabian Plate from the African Plate. From October 1138 until June of 1139 there were a series of earthquakes that occurred. The location that was hit most was in Harim. The remarkable earthquake there caused the deaths of roughly 230,000 people.

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