10 Spectacular Hidden Paradise Locations From Around The World


Many people have indeed heard of the Grand Canyon, Venezuela’s Angel Falls and the Galapagos Islands. But something they may never have heard before is an obscure wonder such as the needle-like rock forests that are located in Tsingy de Bemaraha. You can cover all parts of the planet but you will still uncover something new and breathtaking just around the next corner. Below are ten of the most spectacular hidden paradise locations from around the globe.

#1 Kirkjufell

#1 Kirkjufell

This is a mountain that is most commonly known for the stunning photos that get brought back and shared by tourists that have been fortunate enough to see it. It is located on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula which is situated in Iceland. Surprisingly, there isn’t really anything that is impressively considerable about the mountain and it’s not even the largest one to be found in Iceland, nor is it the deadliest.

Furthermore, it can’t even be touted as one of the many volcanoes that give Iceland its recognition for generating 1/3 of all the basaltic lava in the planet’s history. But with all of that being said, Kirkjufell stands out from the rest because of how all of the elements and the scenery surrounding it all blend nicely together. This mountain is infamous for being extremely photogenic.

The perfect portrait of Iceland comes from this Middle-earth landscape all the way to the trio of waterfalls that feed the crystal clear stream at the foot of the mountain. What’s also incredible is that the weather adds to the scenery as well. Kirkjufell is also right in the center of one of the greatest places ever to view the Northern Lights.

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