Lioness does the unthinkable to save her stranded baby cub


The instinct of motherhood is undoubtedly one of the strongest. This instinct teaches us how to raise the child, how to care for it, and how to teach it everything it knows. As humans, we are taught to protect our babies so that our bloodline can survive another generation and live to be healthy and happy, but the thing is that it is more than just plain biology. We care for our babies more than just trying to save our line, we care for them as people because they are our families. We want to keep them safe and help them through life so they have the best one they can. Mothers will do whatever it takes to provide for their young, and that kind of dedication is shown best by the story of the lioness who crept down a steep cliff to save her cub that had fallen down.



A joyful young cub makes the honest mistake of playing too close to the edge of the cliff and falls over the edge, tumbling down to a precarious stop where he is spread thin and can’t get up on his own. Hearing his cry for help, his mother rushes over and paces around the top of the cliff, distraught that her baby is stuck down there and she can’t get to him. She tries to make her way down the cliff herself a few times, but doesn’t have enough knowledge to be able to get down to where her cub is still stranded. Knowing this, she runs to get the help of other lionesses, leading them to the cliffs edge, where they all try to get down the steep face, only to back off and start over, claws scrabbling, and tails flicking back and forth. At last, though, the lionesses go back to where they were stretching in the sun before, knowing that they are not going to be able to get down there without endangering their own lives.

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