10 Most Popular, Best-Selling Products of all Time, According to TIME Magazine


For one reason or another, every so often a product or a brand hits the shelves that seems to take the world by storm. Only last month technology giants Apple announced figures that made them the most profitable company in history; it’s completely believable, as it seems like every other person owns an iPhone or an iPad nowadays! There are numerous other products and brands which have sold more than any others, so here’s a brief look at the top ten.

10 - Rubik's cube

10 - Rubik's cube

The Rubik’s cube is an iconic product from the 1980s – Rubik’s cube fever swept the world then, and it hasn’t stopped since. An incredible 350 million individual Rubik’s cubes have been sold over the last 35 years, making it the best-selling single toy of all time.

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