10 Most Powerful Earthquakes that Shook the World


Mother Nature is very powerful; sometimes she shows us the sheer beauty of our planet, but other times she unleashes the strength of the earth, oceans and air around us. One such example of a terrible force of nature is an earthquake – in some regions they are very common, whilst other parts of the world have never felt one. Sadly, sometimes they can have devastating consequences. The strength of an earthquake is measured on the Richter Scale, and here we have a list of the ten earthquakes that have been confirmed as recording the highest scores on the Richter Scale ever.

10 - The Aleutian Islands Earthquake (1946)

10 - The Aleutian Islands Earthquake (1946)

In 1946 an earthquake occurred near the Aleutian Islands, just off the west coast of Alaska. The earthquake itself measured 8.6 on the Richter Scale and resulted in a massive tsunami that ended up affecting both Alaska and Hawaii. As a result, 165 people lost their lives and the earthquake caused millions of dollars worth of damage.

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