He Quit School At 18 To Travel The World. His Photos Will Give You A Serious Dose Of Wanderlust.


It's the kind of lifestyle that lots of young people dream about, and it's one that's not easy to make a reality. However, with a little courage, planning, and an intrepid sense of adventure, Christian Lindgren quit school at the age of 18 and began to travel the world. Now, he's got a collection of unusual photos from places that most would never even dream of going.

Lindgren has traveled to places that are really, really off the beaten path, including Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea. Originally from Norway, the young traveler keeps excellent photographic documentation of his journeys, and his photos are truly jaw-dropping. These are travel photos like you've never seen them before.

A mosque Esfahan, Iran.

A mosque Esfahan, Iran.

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