Successful Teens that are making millions without having a college degree


Have you slaved your way through college yet? Or are you still struggling to get that precious degree that will probably not even grant you a job? Anyhow, there are some people out there that made it without getting that certificate, all by themselves. And not just people, but teens. Children that haven’t even reached the age of eighteen yet and already made millions. Yup, you read that right. Ready to get jealous?

1 Juliette Brindak

1 Juliette Brindak

You might have heard of the tween social networking site Miss O & Friends? If you haven’t, this website was co-founded by Julie Brindak and has investors like Protector & Gamble. It was ranked the third biggest girls-only website in 2011. New York native Julie now has a net worth of a stunning $30 million, all without getting a college degree.

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