There are many lists of rich people, every one of them based on different numbers. Of course, we can not be entirely sure whether the published net worth of a person is that person’s actual amount of many saved. In the making of this list, we tried to be as accurate as we can, but keep in mind that it is possible for the numbers to fluctuate and that they might not be accurate anymore as you read this article.

Marta Ortega Perez

Marta Ortega Perez

The 28 years old Marta has got things going for her, her father Amancia Ortega being the third richest man alive (according to Forbes and the Huru Report). The Spanish Ortego family owns Inditex, a fashion company that owns big brands such as Zara and Massimo Dutti, thanks to this, Marta is worth around $62 billion. Wow! Her father didn’t want her to grow up spoiled though, she had to start in one of her father’s many stores, working as a regular sales assistant, dealing with costumers and stacking shelves. She is slowly climbing up the career ladder so she can take over her father’s position when the time comes.

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