Top 5 Weird and Most Amazing Places on Earth


The world we live in was created not only for man but for all living things. Life exists everywhere and it is full of beautiful places and overwhelming with the wonders of nature. However, city life and modernization gives us limitations, but if you would dare to explore you will find that wherever you go you are surrounded with marvels this planet has to offer. What lies and goes beyond seas, oceans, mountains and valleys remain a mystery, and there is always something new to discover such as these weird yet awesome places on earth.

5. The Bermuda Triangle

5. The Bermuda Triangle

Weird as it seems, this has captured the interest of many and has been referred to as the “devil’s triangle” for the reason that any ship or plane that may enter this triangle vanishes into this air.

Massive ships and huge air planes have disappeared into nothingness and to date, no one has discovered why. It remains a mystery to people and scientists. The three points covered by the triangle corresponds to three places namely Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

The term Bermuda Triangle was noted by Vincent Gaddis way back in 1964. Since then, researchers have been digging deep trying to find answers as to what exactly occurs within this queer and puzzling triangle and what really makes things and people vanish.

It is thought by some that there are probably unexpected problems in navigation experienced in the air which confuses the pilot that’s why the plane eventually ends up landing in the ocean. This is one mystery that is yet to be solved, where people and scientists are both hopeful and eager to be enlightened but for now, nobody dares to go to this place anymore because it would mean calling out to death!

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