10 Successful Athletes With Totally Bizarre Diets


Since professional sportspeople have to be in great shape, it’s reasonable to assume that they must have healthy diets. And often that’s the case – but not always. While many athletes subscribe to a disciplined intake of lean protein, fresh vegetables and complex carbohydrates, others survive on fast food, candy, and the kind of calorie intake that would be deemed insane even on Man v. Food. Although there are loads of strange diets out there, here’s a look at ten that really stand out.

10. Kerri Walsh Jennings

10. Kerri Walsh Jennings

U.S. Olympic beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh Jennings doesn’t necessarily have a crazy diet in a conventional strict-and-healthy sporting sense, but the fact that the 35-year-old mother of three still looks as good as she does in a bikini is proof that she’s at least a little serious about what she eats. Perhaps the most surprising element of her reported diet is her breakfast favorite of frozen waffles with raw almond butter and agave syrup. Apart from that, Walsh Jennings is able to maintain her tip-top shape by eating nourishing foods like salads, snacking on Special K Bars and occasionally ordering takeout. “I really can’t cook,” she has said. “We’ve gotten really good at ordering healthy take-out.” Still, whatever the three-time Olympic gold medalist is doing, it’s definitely working.

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