10 unusual sports that really do exist


Normally the sports that get rated as the best in the sports universe are only the ones most played or watched. However, there are a number of unusual – yet real – sporting events that would leave you wowed and saying, “That’s just unreal!” if you actually watched them.

The sports we will be talking about below are definitely peculiar and bizarre to say the least, but they are actually played all over the planet. Whether or not they are growing in recognition however, is another question that needs to be answered. For those inquiring whether these sports are enjoyable and stimulating, we will leave the answer entirely up to you. Prepare yourself for something unexpected here.

Underwater hockey

Underwater hockey

As tough as this might be to comprehend, imagine people playing hockey, but just under the water instead. If you were to ask those that watch the game however, they would tell you it’s not that simple. The point of the game is the same as ice, field and air hockey where you must make use of a stick or paddle to hit a ball or puck into the opposing team’s goal. For those playing it, they deem the sport as “Octopush” because it’s played under the water. There are 6 players on each team that do seem to be quite globally prevalent. The biggest problem is that getting a larger crowd of spectators is practically unworkable due to the game being played in a pool.

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